Terms and Conditions

We are a small business therefore when customers fail to show up for appointments we lose money. This is not ideal as another customer could have benefited from the appointment. We do our best to remind customers of their appointments, a text message is sent the day prior.

We ask for at least 24hrs notice of a cancellation. If you fail to show for your appointment you will incur a £15 fee that will have to be paid prior to any other appointment being made. At times life gets in the way of plans made and things change. In these circumstances common sense will obviously prevail.

Do not bring your dog to the salon if it has fleas or is unwell.

If you were unaware of the fleas and we find them during grooming you will incur a £20 fee as we then have to deep clean and flea bomb the salon.

We are covered by liability insurance for any accidents that occur whilst you dog is in our care.

We accept no liability for severely matted dogs being injured whilst being groomed.

Please download our detailed de-matting policy document below.